What we do?

Do you need a fresh, strategically robust approach to complex automated trading strategies for stocks, forex, futures, or other financial instruments?

Sounds like magic? It’s not a matter of magic but of skill and years of experience. Tailored expertise based on various development frameworks brings your vision to life. Naturally, everything is rigorously tested and state-of-the-art FinTech.


We support a wide range of trading platforms, including NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader, and Quantower, based on C#, ELOB, MQL, and other technologies. We test the systems through backtests and walk-forward analysis.


We provide honest, transparent, and needs-oriented advice. We communicate clearly what is achievable so that together we can achieve your goals sustainably and with lasting value.


 We are the specialists in custom, tailored trading solutions! Our mission: to bring excitement to your trading! We provide top-notch consulting and support for a variety of trading platforms such as NinjaTrader, TradeStation, and desktop application programming.







Originally, we were experts in biometric fingerprint pattern recognition systems, but then we discovered our passion for pattern recognition in financial markets!







In today’s financial world, trading algorithms are the key to success. They are the superstars behind the scenes, making lightning-fast buy and sell decisions automatically. High-frequency trading, here we come! To stay ahead in the competition, effective trading algorithms and a combination of programming and financial knowledge are needed. Whether it’s stocks, Forex, or derivatives, our algorithms are versatile. And we increasingly rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to process data in real-time and make automatic decisions. That’s the turbocharger for your trading success!







Our team of experts keeps a close eye on constantly changing market trends and regularly optimizes our trading algorithms. This ensures that you can trade profitably in the long term. Now is the time to take your trading to the next level!